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Strategic Tax Group

Strategic Wealth Group & Strategic Tax Group

Strategic Wealth Group has developed a strong relationship with Strategic Tax Group. With this partnership our clients can be sure to get expertise on all things tax from their dedicated and experienced team. We believe in a wholistic approach to financial planning, and with taxes being a significant factor in many of our clients lives, our goal is to assist in any way that we can.

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Strategic Wealth Group, Strategic Tax Group and LPL are separate and unaffiliated entities. LPL Financial does not offer tax advice or tax preparation services.

Strategic Tax Group Insights

Listen in to Tyler Hirth, and Nathan Running on the wealth side discuss why having your tax team and financial planning team work closely is beneficial for you. Larry Hahka, Melinda Meyer, and Sam Archer on the tax side discuss the significance of tax and wealth being looked at under one roof. With our team on the wealth and tax side of our clients' money allows us to better position the potential growth of their wealth while striving to mitigate tax liability