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Why are we financial planners?

Obtain a comprehensive understanding of the underlying motivations that drive Tyler Hirth, Chad Lea, and Chris Hamilton as they articulate your personalized financial plan which includes investment strategy, efficient tax maneuvers, and help with necessary estate documents. This shows their commitment to their clients, demonstrating a sense of purpose and deriving satisfaction from their contributions to aiding clients in the path of their financial goals. Through their narratives, you can understand the fulfillment that stems from facilitating individuals on their journeys towards financial empowerment and achievement.

Meeting the advisors

Introducing Jared Lea, Chad Lea, Chris Hamilton, and Tyler Kuske, esteemed members of our team, each serving as one of our accomplished Financial Planners. They all assist clients with wealth optimization, tax planning with our CPA's, and estate planning for each client. Within this brief presentation, they will illuminate their distinct approach to financial planning, emphasizing its tailored nature, carefully tailored to individual clients, while also accounting for the unique expertise and guidance offered by our dedicated advisors. Through their expert insights, you will gain a deeper understanding of the personalized and client-centric ethos that drives our financial planning endeavors, reflecting our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our services.

Meet our customer service specialist team

We extend an invitation to acquaint you with our distinguished team of customer service specialists, alongside the presence of George Mulwee, Chief Compliance Officer and Wealth Advisor, as well as Jack Garrison, formerly an Administrative Associate and now a Wealth Advisor. Each member within this assemblage serves as an integral pillar fortifying the client-advisor rapport and bolstering comprehensive support. This collective of seasoned professionals plays a pivotal role in the seamless operation of our office's communication through our tax, financial, and estate planning areas of expertise, without them we wouldn't be able to provide the smooth and quality experience for our clients.

Accumulation to distribution

In this video, you'll get to know Nathan Running, the founder of Strategic Wealth Group. He'll talk about the shift that you have to make from accumulation of wealth to distribution of wealth in retirement. You'll also hear from Tyler Hirth, discussing how people choose to use their money. Some save some for family, while others spend it all. Everyone has different goals, yet all of these goals include tax planning, wealth management, and intricate estate planning, which we're here to support and guide you along the way. 

Hear from Our clients pt.1

Meet two of our current clients, Karen and Dave. They share some of their thoughts and feelings toward our financial planning, tax strategies, and how we create a white-glove experience. Like they said in the video, with our excellent team, access to top notch technology, and work ethic we were able to provide a great experience for them. We hope to do the same for all current and future clients at Strategic Wealth Group as well.

hear from our clients pt.2

Hear from two more of our clients Cey and Tina. They dive into our process at Strategic Wealth Group and how the most important part of working with our clients is building a relationship that will last. Unlike other firms, we want to learn about your family, friends, hobbies, and really understand who you are as a person and not just as another number at our business.